Collagene AT

Collagene AT

Collagene AT Membranes resorbable is made of pure, and lyophilized Collagen of equine extraction.

It is a Membrane with micro-irregularities at the surface that creates a barrier effect; amongst the collagen layers with reticular links there are micro spaces of 10-20 microns avoiding cells migration.

The barrier effect prevents epithelial and soft connective tissue cells from interfering with bone growth or paradontal tissue growth. The maintenance of a space beneath the membrane allows osteoblasts migration and new bone growth or new paradontal growth.

Collagene AT membranes create a barrier effect for the first six weeks.
Membranes are totally reabsorbed within 180 days and therefore eliminating the need for second surgery.
For an optimal guided tissue regeneration, in order to mantain space within the defect cavity for bone regeneration , a grafting material should always be used like Idrossilapatite AT.

Reasorbable membrane is indicate in every case where guided tissue regeneration is needed, in Periodontology, in Implantology, in Oral Surgery and for prevention of post surgical reabsorption of the alveolar ridges.

PackageRef. code
6 pz. 22×22 mm4101
6 pz. ø 17 mm4102
3 pz. 22×22 mm + 3 pz. ø 17 mm4103

Collagene AT Espanso

Rapid-resorption Collagene AT Espanso 6x6x60 mm is indicated in all those cases in which it is necessary to rapidly fill large residual bone cavities following extractions or the removal of dental cysts. It has an efficacious haemostatic effect inside the cavities and sockets and allows hydroxylapatite and Collagene AT membranes to adhere to the outer surface of the parallelepiped of expanded collagen, so that substances can be introduced into the residual bone cavities and post-extraction sockets to achieve guided bone regeneration.
It was studied and is obtained using lyophilised collagen of equine origin.
Collagene AT Espanso 6x6x60 mm has a microrough surface and the microspaces with a diameter of 10-20μ between the layers of cross-linked collagen form an efficacious barrier that prevents cell migration.

PackageRef. code
5 pz. 6x6x60 mm4120

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